SPELLBOUND: Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 31 August - 6 January 2019

A short film of Katharine making the work: https://vimeo.com/281269896


Blood: Life Uncut 2017 for Science Gallery London, at Copeland Gallery Peckham
on form 2016  Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire

Sculpting Science, Solo Show and first artist to show in The Chemistry Dep. Oxford University (12 September to 30 November 2015) Inorganic Chemistry Building & Research Chemistry Building, Oxford University

Trauma 2016 Science Gallery, Dublin Ireland

Post Mortem 2015 Rommelaren Instituut, Gent

The Art Of Saving A Life Commission for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Berlin (2015)

Project Daejeon 2014: The Brain, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea

Full House, Aeroplastics Gallery, Belgium, 2014

Encyclopedia Galactica GV Art London (2014)

The Institute Of International Research In Glass Research Fellow 2013 Fellowship Work, National Glass Centre, UK (2013)

A Transforming Light Through a Veil of Tears, Permanent Instillation, The Palestinian Bible  Society Chapel, Bethlehem (2013)

BRAINS: THE MIND AS MATTER  The Wellcome Collection, London (2012)  and Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester (2013)

The British Glass Biennale, Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge (2006, 2012)

Polymath GV Art London (2012)

Images of the Mind, Hygiene Museum Dresden & Moravian Gallery, Brno (2011-2012)

Trauma, GV Art London (2011-2012)

Art and Science, GV Art London (2011)


2010               Brain Storm GV Art, London
2010               Relics of the Mind. GV Art, London
2010               The Glass Delusion. National Glass Centre Sunderland
2010               Summer Exhibition. Royal Academy of Art, London
2010               Experiments. GV Art, London
2009               Kaleid. No More Grey Project Space
2008               Summer Exhibition. Royal Academy of Arts, London
2008               Diffracted Solstice. Aeroplastics Gallery Brussels
2008               Inspired: mortal & visible. Wallspace

2006/7/8     Gregor Mendel Planting the Seeds of Genetics USA Tour

2007               Summer Exhibition. Royal Academy of Arts, London
2006               Seeing Heads. Centre for Life Bioscience Centre, Newcastle 
2006               Making a Mark. Northern Print, Newcastle 
2006               The British Glass Biennial. Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge
2006               Unnatural Selection. The Open Art Exhibition Shrewsbury 
2006               Seeing Heads. The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
2006               New British Glass. Institute for Contemporary Art Singapore
2005               Summer Exhibition. Royal Academy of Arts, London 
2005               Art-Print-UK-Now. CBAT  Cardiff Wales
2005               Edge. National Glass Centre                                                        
2005               “Mitosis’. Henshelwood Gallery, Newcastle 
2004               Move as if Breathing. National Glass Centre                       
2004               Paranormal. Aeroplastics Gallery Brussels

2003               Saatchi Gift to the Arts Council. Catmose Arts Oakham 
2002               Head On. Science Museum London 
2002               (Science: Ideas: Art). The Henry Wellcome Building for Neuroecology, Newcastle 
2000 -2001      Spectacular Bodies. Hayward Gallery London

2000               Myriad for Cultura Inglessa. The Brazilian British Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil

1998               Myriad. Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester

1998               Project 8. Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1997               Bittersweet. Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester

1996               Restos Humanos. Galleria Alexandra Sales Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1995               Growth. Mayor Gallery London
1992 - 93        BT New Contemporaries. ICA, London and UK Tour          
1992               East. Norwich Gallery Norwich
1991               Whitworth Young Contemporaries. Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester


The Wellcome Trust,   
Arts Council Collection Gift of Charles Saatchi 1999,    
Institute of Neuroscience Newcastle University,  
Ulster Museum Belfast,  
Aberdeen Art Gallery
Cultura Ingless Art Collection Sao Paulo Brazil,  
Various Private Collections


Colliding Worlds:  How Cutting Edge-Science Is Redefining Contemporary Art by Arthur I Miller (2014)

Art, Science and Cultural Understanding Edited by Brett Wilson, Barbara Hawkins, Stuart Sim (2014)

Brains: The Mind as Matter Wellcome Collection (2012)

British Glass Biennial Ruskin Glass Centre (2012)

Polymath, GV Art London (2012)

Trauma, GV Art, London (2011)

Art & Science, GV Art and Arthur I Miller (2011)

2010          Relics of the Mind                          GV Art & Artakt UK

2009         Acts of Seeing: Artists, Scientists and the History of the Visual,  Zidane Press, UK
2008        Glass North East                           Art Editions North, UK
2006         British Glass Biennial                     Ruskin Glass Centre, UK
2006         Unnatural selection                       Darwin Centre Shrewsbury, UK
2002         Head On                                     The Science Museum, London, UK                                                      
2000         Spectacular Bodies                       Hayward Gallery London, UK

2000         The Saatchi Gift                           Arts Council Collection, UK

1998          Myriad                                        Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK

1998          Project 8                                     Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Soul, Korea

1994          Shark Infested Waters Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90’s 
1992          East                                Norwich Art Gallery, UK
1992          BT New Contemporaries                Touring Exhibition, UK            
1991          Whitworth Young Contemporaries  Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK