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Science and technology, natural organisms and the human body in all its forms inspire Katharine Dowson. Collaborating with scientists and medics on different projects allows her to explore her interest and make work that is a visual question to the research she sees. She uses glass as not only a metaphor for the fragility of life but also a major component in scientific discovery, from test tubes to lenses, revealing the microcosmic and macrocosmic universe and their visual similarities.

Memory of a Brain Malformation is a laser etching in glass of a brain tumour belonging to the artist’s cousin. The malformation was successfully lasered out of her brain, and the artist has used a laser to recreate it. The images of the delicate vein scaffold that feeds the brain tissues are reminiscent of a tree, supporting a nest within the branches. It is a part of the organism but alien at the same time, like a parasitic ecosystem. The life-size lasered glass tumour and veins are delicate and ephemeral, like a memory and the echo of the real thing.

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Tom Hogben